Word Riddle

Word Riddle Deluxe

Word Riddle Deluxe helps you improve your vocabulary with an addictive word game that is easy to play.

Each game comprises a series of red and blue tiles, each tile has a letter on it. Tap the tiles to spell out words, blue tiles are optional, red tiles are compulsory.

Four different games, the standard "Cloud Nine", a more frantic smaller word variant "Super Six", and the more complicated "Oxygen Eight" and "Ten Square" both with two compulsory tiles.

Words are scored on their difficultly, earn bonuses for finding the most difficult words.

Improve your spelling and vocabulary in a fun environment.

Integrated with Game Center, compare your scores against your friends and other players.

Word Riddle Lite

There are two Word Riddle apps available on the app store, the second is a free version which is limited to only the "Oxygen Eight" and "Cloud Nine" games.

Playing The Game...

Starting a New Game

Tap the Play button on the main screen to start.

Word Riddle Deluxe users will be presented with a popup dialog displaying the different games available. Simply tap the game you wish to play.


The Rules

The game panel comprises one or more red tiles, and a series of blue tiles.

Tiles should be tapped to spell out words.

Each word must use all the red tiles to be accepted.


The answer panel will show the selected letters, tapping a tile again will remove that letter from the word.

 Tapping the Clear button will reset all tiles, tapping the Check button will verify the word.



Each word you find increases your score.

The score obtained is based on the letters used, with one point awarded for each A,E,I,L,N,O,R,S,T and U, two for D and G, three for B,C,M, and P, four for F,H,V,W and Y, five for K, eight for J and X, and ten for Q and Z.

Bonus points are awarded for high scoring words.



Found words are displayed in the word list (for iPod touch and iPhone tap the Words button to display this list).

The word list also shows empty tiles for each word left to find (the number of tiles shows the size of word required).


End Game

The game finishes when there are no empty tiles left in the word list or when the Finish button is tapped.

The Game Over dialog will calculate your final score, and push it to Game Center (if enabled).

Any remaining empty words in the list will now be filled with suggested answers for future reference.

Tapping the Finish button again will return you to the main menu screen.