Word Maestro Tutorial - iPad

How to Play

Press the New Game button to start.

The Game

Word Maestro can be played in both landscape and portrait mode.

The majority of the display is populated by the word search grid, which comprises fifteen tiles horizontally by twelve tiles vertically (a smaller grid of eleven tiles horizontally by six tiles vertically as used on the iPhone and iPod touch version can be selected via the Settings page).

The display also contains three buttons, Clue, Show All and Finish along the bottom, and the time taken and number of words still be to found across the top.

The right hand side of the display lists the words present on the grid.

Initially the words will be hidden (only shown once they have been found).

If you wish to see the words earlier then you have several options:


The Clue button can be pressed to randomly reveal one of more characters or even a full word from those words not yet found (see Settings). This button can be repeatedly pressed to reveal additional characters.

Show All

Alternatively pressing the Show All button will display all the words in the grid (they can be hidden again by pressing the Hide All button).

Selecting a Word

Once you locate a word in the grid it can be selected by simply dragging your finger across the letter tiles. Selected tiles can be easily identified as they will "wobble".

Complete the selection by finishing the drag. If you have successfully found a word with the selected tiles then the word will be highlighted on the grid, displayed in orange on the list of words, and the number of words left to find will be reduced by one.

Words can be read from left to right, right to left, top to bottom, or bottom to top. 


Pressing Finish whilst there are undiscovered words in the grid will display the Not Completed dialog, and you will be prompted to confirm that you wish to finish by pressing the Yes button. Pressing the No button will return you to the game.

When all the words have been discovered the completed grid is shown and you are prompted to press the Finish button.

Pressing the Finish button will display the Completed dialog. You will be prompted to press OK which will return you to the main menu.


Press the Settings button to display the application settings.

The size of the grid can be set, to either the classic eleven tiles horizontally by six tiles vertically (used on the iPhone and iPod touch) or the larger fifteen tiles horizontally by twelve tiles vertically.

The number of characters to be revealed each time the Clue button is pressed can be set, to either one, two, three or four characters, or a whole word.

A typical grid will include some three letter words, these can be removed from the grid.