Funny Fotos!

Have lots of fun with your photos! With Funny Fotos! you can load your pictures (from camera, photo album or clipboard) and then decorate them with funny hats, beards, glasses, hair and other facial features. Pictures can then be saved (to the photo album or clipboard) or published to Facebook to share with your friends.


Adding Hats, Beards, Lips, Hair, Eyes, Glasses...

Decorating your Picture

You can navigate the image list by swiping to scroll through all the choices.


Items with a  can be tapped to display additional choices.


Items with a  are not available but can be unlocked by purchasing the full version of Funny Fotos!



Moving, Resizing, Rotating...


To select, either tap, or swipe an image from the list onto your picture.



Images can be repositioned simply by dragging within your picture.



And they can be rotated using your finger and thumb as well.

They can be resized by using a finger and thumb to "pinch" the image (you can also pinch your main picture to zoom in and out).


Modifying Items

Tap an image to display a menu with more options.


Bring image to front, or send to back.


Flip image horizontally.
Remove the image (or just swipe the image off the picture).
Change the colours used in an image.


Changing Colours


Most images have at least one colour that can be changed.

Tap a swatch at the top of the dialog to select which colour you want to change. Then select the colour you want from the dialog.

The free version of Funny Fotos! offers a limited choice of colours, the full version offers a full colour palette to select from (just tap and move the crosshairs).


Tap that Button...

Load Picture

Use your camera to create an image to use, or load one directly from your photo album or clipboard.



Apply effects to your picture, converting it to greyscale, flipping it, or cropping it.



Save your picture back to your photo album, or copy it to your clipboard. You can even share it with your friends on Facebook (you will be asked to login and give Funny Fotos! permission to save pictures to your Facebook photo album if you select this).



Funny Fotos! includes a comprehensive tutorial within the app. To access it simply tap this button on the app.



Tap this button to upgrade Funny Fotos!

Removes all adverts, allows selection of many more colours, and unlocks more items.



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